Planning to visit Chitwan National Park, here goes the 15 reasons to visit Chitwan National Park to make your visit fruitful. Below mention activities are top picks of Chitwan National Park.


  1. Elephant Safari: Elephant Back Safari is one of the famous program in Chitwan national Park done by the guest. Elephant Safari is normally done in Tikauli Forest which is knows as Buffer Zone however it is attached with Chitwan National Park. During this Safari you will be encountered with several jungle animals i.e: Rhino, Deer, Monkey, Leopard, Wile bore, Royal Bengal Tiger( If you are lucky) and other many more. It is done around 1 HRS where you need to share a elephant for 4 adult or you can reserve it single however the cost will be payable directly in the location.
  2. Jeep Safari: There will be dream of every guest to see the Royal Bengal Tiger once in their life. There are few ways to see it in the jungle, one of the best option to see it is Jeep Safari. Jeep Safari takes your into the wilderness of jungle and you will be exploring the jungle deeply. Lots of guest see Royal Bengal Tiger during this trip. Jeep Safari takes the time of 4 HRS in sharing and for reserve you can explore it from dawn till dusk.
  3. Visit to 20 Thousand Lake: One of the best location for bird watching. 20 Thousand lake is registered as reserved wetland in Nepal. During your trip to 20 Thousand lake you can see many migrant birds and rhinos along with deer and tigers. Once you reach there than you find yourself in the lap of nature. The mesmerizing view of lake with the reflection of jungle in the water makes your day.
  4. Canoe Ride: Canoe ride is done in Rapti river. During this trip you can see may birds, crocodiles, peacock dancing if you are lucky. Noise or birds and the splashing paddle sound makes your trip amazing.
  5. Tharu Cultural Program: Tharu are the indigenous people who lives in lower belt of Nepal and Sauraha, Chitwan is part of it. Tharu culture program is one of the best option for them to save their culture and to present the culture among other which helps them to promote their cultural value. This program is done basically in a hall where people can accommodate approxly 200 once. If you are in a large group than hotel can arrange this program in the premise of hotel.
  6. Elephant Breeding Center: Situated around 3 km far from Sauraha, this is the perfect destination for the kids. This is the first breeding center in Nepal of elephant where you can see the mother elephants along with their baby. Calf playing with each others will make your day.
  7. Visit to Elephant Stable: Visit to Elephant Stable is itself a amazing activities you can enjoy in Chitwan. Elephant Stable is the place where you can find government elephant who are kept for the protection of National Park. If you want to visit this place than you need to be there either in morning or in afternoon. During day time elephants are taken inside national park for grazing.
  8. Village Tour: Want to know about the Tharu lifestyle than this is the best opportunity. During this tour can will be explained about the lifestyle of tharu tribe. You can observe the lifestyle, food, living style of this indigenous tribe.
  9. Tower Night Stay: Tower Night Stay is one of the unique program you can do in chitwan during you stay. There are different towers in different parts of the Park where you can enjoy you night. Basic living standard can be found there with basic toiletries. During you stay you can listen the live sound of the wild animals in the tower and different kinds of wild animals can be seen around tower in you stay.
  10. Jungle Walk: Jungle Walk is the best way to explore the national park on foot. During this walk inside chitwan national park you can encounter different types of wild animals, different species of reptiles, different species of birds. Jungle walk is a walk escorted by Trained Nature guide.
  11. Bird Watching: Bird Watching Chitwan is tour package of Birding in Chitwan National Park. During Bird Watching one can find more than 550 species of birds is Chitwan National Park. Chitwan National Park is one of the protected area in the regards of wildlife in Nepal. Approximately 160 species of birds come to Chitwan National Park every year in Autumn Season.
  12. Sunset View: Sunser View with chilled beer in the bank of rapti river is the one of the best experience you can gain in chitwan. Canoe ride at dusk in rapti river is one of the best attraction. Rhinos roaming around bank of Rapti river is another attraction of the sunset view.
  13. Village tour by Ox Cart: Normally village tour are done by walk however if you want the unique experience of Village tour than Village tour by Ox Cart is one of the unique experience you can have in chitwan. You will taken to different corner of Tharu village in this ride.
  14. Crocodile Breeding Center: Crocodile breeding center is located in Kasara which is inside Chitwan National Park. Normally this is the part of Jeep Safari where you will be taken to Kasara and taken back to Sauraha. This is the first breeding center of Nepal where different species crocodiles are breaded and released in different rivers of Nepal which helps to increase the number of Crocodile.
  15. Tharu Cultural Museum: Tharu cultural museum is opened to preserve the culture of Tharu tribe.  Mostly you can find the tools of agriculture in the museum. Beside of this you can find the houses of tharu previously, living standard, clothes, food they eat and other minor minor this of this indigenous tribe.