Shuklaphanta Swamp Deer relocating to Bardia

Swamp Deer in Shuklaphant Wildlife Reserve

The work of Shuklaphanta Swamp Deer relocating to Bardia has been started from Sunday however they are not getting success to catch anyone. As decision of Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation on October this year 5 male & 5 female are going to shifted from Shuklaphanta to Bardia which might takes a week.

6 elephant and 40 crew member are mobilized to capture Swamp deer. Net and dart technique are used to capture Reindeer. There are already 100 Swamp deer in Bardia however their number could not increased so this relocation decision  is taken. Relocated Swamp deer will be mixed with the remaining group in Bardia.

Relocation is taken as the preservation of wildlife, if some flue goes viral in wild animal than other location animal will be saved so this is a act of preservation as per government official. As per last year census there are approx 2300 Swamp deer in Shuklaphant Wildlife Reserve.