Animal Rights Issue in Chitwan National Park

Animal Rights Issue Chitwan

Animals are fighting for their lives every day in every country around the globe. Kept on chain, enslaved for personal use or entertainment of so called literate people, and beaten are some of the cause of animal abuse. Often in Chitwan National park elephants are forced to work up-to 14 HRS a day. Forcing to work for hours and hours with rest case the Tuberculosis in elephant but now it has been transmitted to one Horn Rhino too which has been proved by researcher how. They are misbehaved, bitten by rod in head cruelty. If you are planning to visit Chitwan National Park than you can see elephant abuse in 3 different places.

Privately owned Elephants

There are around 100 private elephants in Chitwan national park that are used for wildlife safari in park. Often elephant are beaten brutally in the stable. Elephant are forced to work for hours to entertain people. Elephant are chained in elephant stable. We can see tears in the eye of elephant and often they roar loudly in the stable.

Elephant Breeding Center

Elephant is breeding center are chained and they are not given freedom where electric they are kept in small section. Elephant are forced to work for the government purpose like patrolling national park, carrying woods and other many works. Male elephant form the national park comes in the breeding center to impregnate the female elephant. They are chained so they can’t move during this act.

Elephant Bathing

Elephant bathing are done in the bank of Rapti River daily to entertain guest. People used to sit in the back of the elephant where elephant are forced to spray water by the trunk for the people who are sitting in back of it which are repeated frequently. Elephant looks very distressed during this act. If the elephant didn’t perform the act according to the wish of mahout than they are beaten brutally by rod in the head.


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