Bardia National Park

Bardia National Park is one popular national park in Nepal which lies in Terai, western part of  Nepal. Bardia National Park covers the area of 968Km2 of land which is covered with Sal forest, grassland & river. Bardia National Park was established for the purpose of Royal hunting on 1967, later on it was converted into the Reserved National Park.

If we look over the history of the establishment of the Bardia National Park than we can find it several time renamed. Firstly it was reserve hunting which used to be called as Royal Hunting Reserve in 1967. Later the name transfers to Royal Karnali Wildlife Reserve on 1976 which was only 386 sq KM and again later the shiftiness of the name continues and renamed as Royal Bardia Wildlife Reserve in 1982.

From 1984 it spreader from the 386 sq KM to 968 sq KM. In this process of spreading it merged with Babai Valley in 1988 and received another new name as Bardia National Park. Park is very famous for its biodiversity, grassland, royal Bengal tiger, forest, different kind of birds and other many more.

Bardia National Park is the home of more than 407 species of birds among them Paflow, Bar-Headed Geese, Bengal Florican & White – Rumped Vulture represents the Park. 25 species of reptiles, 121 species of fish and 53 species of mammals which includes One Horn RhinoRoyal Bengal Tiger, Asian Elephant, Spotted deer, hog deer, swamp deer and Gangetic Dolphin.

Tharus who are the indigenous group lives near the park. Along with Tharus other ethnic group who lives near park are Tamang, Magar, Gurung, Brahmin, Kshetri and others. The main occupation of these people is agriculture. They depends on the buffer zone for their daily life like woods, grass and other many more for their daily life.

Nepal Army, National Park staffs take the security responsibility of the Bardia National Park from the poachers and others.