Best time to visit Bardia National Park

Wondering about best seasons to visit Bardia National Park, here we provide information about best time to visit Bardia National Park. If you planning to visit Bardia National Park than there are some few things better you know before you travel. Bardia National Park has a tropical monsoon climate with height humidity although the year and mostly there are three main seasons:


March to early June month are hot month in Bardia where the temperature rising is taken as normal till the month of May. In April, days are hot but night are quite cold due to southern wind. Among the months march is quite good in the terms of hot in Bardia.


In Nepal Pr-Monsoon starts from the end of May. This is not the recommended time to visit Bardia. Evening are often rainy and if not also dark clouds are covered the sky. Thundering and lightening is normal in this time. As the month changes, June is the amalgamation of thunderstorm and rain frequently.

Middle of June is the time Monsoon becomes active fully and the scenario of the weather changes. Heavy rain is normal in this time. If we look over the data than the total rain of the year falls around 80 % in this three months. During the monsoon humidity is extremely high.


Winter is the best time to visit Bardia National Park. Starts from Mid September to end of February. Weather are cool blown from the northerly. January is the coldest month in calendar where the temperature falls up to freezing point specially if it rains. From late November the relative humidity touches 100 percent in the mornings, and so there is dewfall during December and January nights and sometimes when you hear the drips pouring off the trees in the morning, it is often mistaken for rain. After cold morning the temperature goes upto 20-25 Celsius in the afternoon.