Best way to see a Royal Bengal Tiger in Bardia National Park

Best way to Encounter a royal Bengal tiger Bardia National Park

We tell you best way to see a Royal Bengal Tiger in Bardia National Park.  If you are planning to visit Bardia to encounter tiger live in front of your eyes than it is the best national park in Nepal compared to other national park like Chitwan National Park. Often Tigers in the summer season are seen at watering holes in Bardia however there is not 100 % guarantee of seeing it. Encountering tigers might take few days so we recommend our guest to come with open date of departure instead of fixed date.

Our local nature guide are experts of this activities so they properly know where we can find tiger in Bardia National Park. Often we do jungle walk to encounter tiger in Bardia and wait for the tigers to come in watering holes for water where the view of tiger is amazing. We request our guest to follow the instruction of our nature guide strictly. Many times guests are attacked by tiger so be careful during you trip. Tiger are very protective of their child so if they feel the threaten for your side than it attacks.

Instead of running along in the jungle to get rid of tiger is not the recommended option. Being on group with sticks is the best way to threat tiger from being attacking. The other way is climbing a tree so always listen the instruction of guide being before in national park.

Wildlife Safari Bardia offers Tiger Tracking Package, Please find the different kinds of Tiger Tracking Package below:

Tiger Tracking Nepal 8 Night 9 Days 

Tiger Tracking Bardia 4 Night 5 Days 

Tiger Tracking Chitwan  3 Night 4 Days 

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