Hotel in Bardia

Looking to book for A/C room hotel in bardia or A/C room resort in bardia ! If this is your first time in Bardia than there are few things you show know about Bardia National Park first. There are not many luxury hotel/resort like in Kathmandu, Pokahra, Chitwan or other destination in Bardia. Bardia lies in the western part of Nepal which is around 600 KM far from country capital.

Hotels in Bardia are very basic and typical countryside hotel with limited facilities. Few hotels do have wifi facilities and number of hotels do have A/C facility. Load-shedding is the challenging issue of Nepal where Bardia also wont remain secular from this fact. Normally hotels don’t have power back up facility where you will provided candle or solar lights. Normally  rooms are decorated with the local indigenous Tharu Tribe living style to make you feel you are in village of Tharu.

Truly a wildlife experience you will receive when you are in Bardia, far from the crowd of urbanization. Cell phone might not work sometimes for few days so as internet. As mention earlier it is a quite like village so there are limited grocery shops for shopping and you might not find what you need to use to better pack it up yourself before being there so you don’t need to be frustrated later.

Rooms are normally equipped by beds only no other entertain facility will be available there. If you find Television on room than it might be strange for you however limited cable channels are only available. No telephone lines are available, no tea/coffee maker in room. If you go with Standard room that you might not get the proper mattress of your sleeping bed so we suggest you to choose you stay in Bardia.

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