How to reach Bardia National Park

How to get to Bardia National Park

Bardia National Park lies in the western part of nepal which is around 600 KM far from Kathmandu. It takes around 13-14 HRS to reach Bardia by Kathmandu and same time from Pokhara. It’s quite long drive from Kathmandu/Pokhara to Bardia however it also the scenic drive.

To reach Bardia you need to pass through different hills, plane land, many forest on the way which make your travel colorful.

Mainly there are 3 options to reach Bardia National Park from Kathmandu.

Flight Tickets:

There are regular 4 flight to Nepalgung from Kathmandu by 2 different airlines. This is the recommended way to reach Bardia National Park by air. Once you reach to Nepalgung Airport our representative will be there to receive you and take you to hotel which is approx 85 KM far from the Airport which take around 2.5 HRS to reach.

Car Hire:

If you are planning to hire a car from Kathmandu to Bardia than this will be a long drive for you. Highways form Kathmandu to Narayanghat is not too good for traveling. After Narayanghat to Bardia it is quite good to travel. During this trip drive stops in different places for the refreshment and meal. It is around 14 hours drive from kathmandu to reach the destination.

Bus Tickets:

To take bus from Kathmandu to Ambassa Bardia is not the recommended option we recommend for our guest. Daily bus goes to Dhangadi or Mahendranagar on the way to these destination you need to step down to Ambassa which is the entry point of Bardia National Park. Park is around 15 KM far from the Ambassa. It’s around 15 hours drive from Kathmandu/ Pokhara to bardia by Local bus.

There are mainly two types of bus for Dhangadi/Mahendranagar to reach Ambassa.

A/C Deluxe bus from Kathmandu/Pokahra is the bus we recommend for you if you are planning to take this trip by bus.

The another option is Non A/C bus. it is quite cheaper in the price whoever it don’t make you journey to make remember.

Car, Jeep, Van hire from Nepalgunj airport to Bardia

We offer Car, Jeep, van hire from Nepalgunj Airport to Bardia National Park. Distance from Nepalgunj Airport to Bardia is around 85 KM which takes 2.5 HRS by drive. Reservation of vehicle hire can made by Email or phone with our office staff. Once you arrive at Nepalgunj airport our hotel representative will be there to receive you. Drive through the plane land and forest make your drive scenic journey.