Things to do in Bardia National Park

Here are few things to do in Bardia National Park, beside this activities also there are lot of this to do in Bardia National Park but we have only listed the major activities:

Elephant Safari Bardia

Elephant Safari in Bardia National Park is around 1 HRS ride in the back of elephant. Elephant Safari is done inside Bardia National Park where one elephant carries 4 person. During this safari you will be encountered with different types of wild animals, reptiles and other many more. If you get lucky than you can see the Royal Bengal Tiger too.

Jungle Walk Bardia 

Jungle Walk in Bardia National Park is one of the best option to explore the National Park on foot. Jungle Walk can be customized into different time frames. Short Jungle Walk and Long Jungle Walk normally popular among the Guest. One can feel the wildlife of Bardia Nationa Park by Jungle Walk.

Jungle Walk is recommended for our guest who are interested in Royal Bengal Tiger. different types of wild animals like Tiger, Beer, Money, One Horn Rhino, Asian Elephant and other many more can be seen during this trip.

Boating in Bardia

Boating in Bardia is famous among the guest who are interested in Bird Watching. Boating is around 2 Hrs in Babai river where you can see the different angle of the Bardia National Park. Different species of bird can be seen along with this you can see crocodile in the river which might be quite scary.

Tharu cultural Museum Bardia

Tharu Cultural Museum Bardia is one of the best place for the guest who want to explore the lifestyle of ingenious Tharu Tribe of Nepal. Museum is just inside the Bardia National Park Gate however no park permit required to visit it.

In the museum you can see different types of dress they wear, different types of agricultural equipment used for the daily life, pots used for cooking, house type they used to stay and other many more things can be explored in Museum in short time period.

Jeep Safari Bardia  

Jeep Safari in Bardia is the other option to explore deeply Bardia National Park.  Jeep takes you to inside park where you can see different kinds of wild animals. A jeep can occupy 8 people along with guide. There is not sharing jeep safari option available  in Bardia like Chitwan. You need to hire a jeep to go for Jeep Safari.

Wild animals like Royal Bengal Tiger, One Horn Rhino, Wild Elephant, Monkey, Wild Bore, Deers and other many animals and different species of birds can be seen during this trip.

Elephant Breeding Center Bardia 

Elephant Breeding Center is located in the south part of the National Park headquarter. Breeding center is worthy to visit either in Morning or in Afternoon. Elephants are taken to national park for gazing with their baby. Elephant Breeding Center is recommended to visit for short period of time.